Engineers, technicians and craftspeople are the heart of the energy and utilities sector. There’s an immediate need for practical, hands-on, technical problem-solvers who have the desire and initiative to manage, to lead and develop a career in engineering.

The industry is looking for experienced, skilled professionals to get involved.

A mechanical engineering technician can earn between £18,000 and £35,000 a year. Electrical engineers will earn at least £21,000 and chartered engineers can earn £45,000 or more.

Take advantage of the opportunities society now offers. Innovations within the sector industries plus investment in the renewable and nuclear industries mean that talented engineers are needed more than ever.

With technology constantly evolving, you have the chance to develop a career in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. No two days will be the same. Move forwards with society and live the change you’re supporting.  

As an engineer, you’ll help to design and build machines, systems, processes and structures. With a massive infrastructure needing continual technical maintenance, your skills are vital to the sector’s future. Engineering roles exist in areas ranging from renewables and manufacturing, to waste management and information and communications.

You may specialise in a particular discipline, such as project management or change management. Many engineers will enhance their knowledge to become multi-skilled engineers. As advancing technology demands new and different abilities, this is the perfect opportunity to put your knowledge and experience to the test. 

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