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We're EDF Energy, the UK's largest producer of low-carbon electricity. If you want to know more about our history, our mission and ambitions, or to read our reporting, this is the place.

What We Do

EDF Energy is one of the largest energy companies in the UK, supplying around 6 million residential and business accounts with electricity or gas. We produce around one-fifth (20%) of the nation’s electricity and that makes us the largest supplier by volume - something we’re really proud of.

EDF Energy is part of EDF Group, a leading global electricity company which began investing in the UK in 1998. Today, EDF Energy employs over 15,000 people across the UK - from Torness in Scotland right down to Exeter in Southern England.

Generation and Supply

Within EDF Energy there are two separate businesses: one that produces electricity, called a generation business, and one that buys gas and electricity from the wholesale market to sell onto our customers. We call this our customer supply business.

The generation business operates the power stations that produce electricity. This goes directly into the National Grid to be transmitted throughout the UK.

The gas infrastructure works in a similar way using pipelines. However, EDF Energy doesn’t actually produce gas; we buy it from the wholesale market to supply to our customers.

The wholesale market

This brings together companies producing electricity and gas with energy suppliers who need to buy it to meet their customers’ needs.

We buy and sell gas and electricity in advance to ensure we can meet our customers’ demands. In order to do this, we have to predict how much our customers will need over a period of time. However, things can change which affect this, such as changes in the weather or if a power station develops a fault. Therefore we are constantly adjusting what we buy from the wholesale market.

All the gas we supply our customers comes from the wholesale market and most of the electricity we supply to our customers does too. Whenever we buy energy we’ll always pay the market price - even if it’s from our own generation business.

We buy and sell energy up to three years ahead and this helps to even out prices over time and cushion customers from dramatic swings in prices. It also means we can offer fixed-priced tariffs over several winters.

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EDF Energy Engineering Career

EDF Energy Engineering Careers

Life at EDF Energy

Life at EDF Energy

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