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There are close to 4,000 of us here at Anglian Water and we’re putting water at the heart of a whole new way of living.

We’ve set ourselves 10 goals backed up by over 100 commitments and measures to help us get it right. Find out more about how we are going to achieve them.

We supply water and water recycling services to more than six million domestic and business customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.

Our population has grown by 20% in the last 20 years, but we still provide the same amount of water today as we did in 1990 – almost 1.2 billion litres every single day.

How? By minimizing leaks and encouraging more waterwise customers.

Our huge region stretches from the Humber north of Grimsby, to the Thames estuary and then from Buckinghamshire to Lowestoft on the east coast. Our 112,833 km of water and sewer pipes could take us a quarter of the way to the moon! They supply and transport water across an area of 27,500 square km.

We’re the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area.

We’re also one of the driest regions in the country, with just 600 millimetres of rain each year, on average a third less than the rest of England. In fact some areas have a lower annual rainfall than Jerusalem.That’s why it’s vital that we look after the water that we’ve got.

Compared to others, large parts of our region are typically flat and low-lying. The Fens of Cambridgeshire and the Norfolk Broads are just some of the stunning landscapes we enjoy in a part of the world where approximately a quarter of the land is actually below sea level. That means we have to be aware of the risk of flooding. With few hills around to help out with gravity we have to rely on pumping water from place to place and that uses lots of energy.

Because of the size of our region, we operate 1,257 water and water recycling treatment works. This is around a quarter of all those in England and Wales. Our coastline is approximately 1,240 km long and the recycled water we return to nature must pass strict quality standards set by law and by our regulators.

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Case Study - Anglian Water, UK

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