Earn while you learn 

An apprenticeship means you’ll be trained in the skills employers want, learn at a pace that suits you and even be paid while you’re on holiday. You’ll have support at every stage from a personal mentor.


Research shows that average salaries while in training for those in an energy and utilities related apprenticeships were higher than the average of all apprentices (£12,624 per year). Once qualified, starting salaries can begin at £18,000 to £39,500.

"I realised I wanted to pursue a career that really helps people, I want to give back to society." - Safanah Riaz, Apprentice

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Start on a career path that can take you to the top 

There are many career opportunities, which could see you go from apprentice to manager to CEO. 221,000 recruits are needed over the next 10 years – the range and diversity of roles will surprise you!

Over the course of the apprenticeship (up to four years), you’ll learn both in the classroom and practically in your role. There’ll be all kinds of ground-breaking projects to tackle – perhaps helping to build wind farms or roll out smart technologies that help us all become energy aware. 

“An apprenticeship provides a brilliant foundation on which to build each stage of your career.” - Mark Horsley, Apprentice to CEO

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Make a difference 

The energy and utilities sector is vital to our everyday lives – you can be proud that the work you do, individually or as part of a team, ensures that the country has clean water to drink, can heat our homes and keep the lights on. 

“I felt that my apprenticeship would give me more opportunities than going to university. Making an income while learning was also a benefit." - Matthew Meechan, Apprentice

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What we're looking for

We want self-motivated and flexible people to join our apprenticeship programmes. You’ll need to be an enthusiastic team player. You should be practical, well organised and a good problem solver with a positive attitude and the ability to work on your own initiative.

There are many types of apprenticeships on offer with different entry criteria from 5 GCSEs to 2 A-levels / BTEC Level 3 for higher and degree level apprenticeships.

"I learn a lot better being hands on. I'm not very good at sitting down, I thought this would be perfect as I would be outside all the time." - Samantha Webb, Apprentice

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